Episode 1: From Dating to Marriage in 12 Days

tina schweiger

Love on the Air is the podcast of The Whole Parent. Our first episode features our friend Tina, who’s going to tell you an amazing love story. How she went from dating to marriage in an amazingly short time period. And ten years later, with two kids, she’s still rockin the relationship. Tina embodies what love is all about. Love is an effort. Love is a journey. Love is a spiritual quest to find not only our partner but ourselves as we grow and love another person.

In part one, Tina’s going to tell us about meeting the man of her dreams and the whirlwind of a date that is still going on ten years later. In part two, Tina’s going to discuss more about what makes her relationship work, and what’s she’s still doing to actively seek out her partner in love.