Episode 3: There Is No Rescue Coming For You

there is a gap in my relationship

Each one of us wants to feel loved. We seek a partner. We navigate dating introductions to hopefully find someone to share our lives with. We commit to a relationship and try to make it work. We fail. And we find the courage and energy to start over.

We all want to be loved. We seek love. We find someone to love. Then what happens next?

In this episode of Love on the Air we’re going to look at our tendency to want to rush into a situation and rescue those we care about. We cannot rescue another person. We should not try. We can stand beside them, or just outside the perimeter of their burning building, and let them know we are holding loving-kindness for them. It’s painful, to be in the gap. But sometimes, it’s just where we are.

Please listen.

Always Love, even from the gap,

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